• Scrip-Fundraiser
Shop with Scrip Card - Fundraiser
About Scrip
With scrip fundraising, families can easily earn 1% and up each month for the Norski Coop High School Hockey Team on rebates for purchases made through scrip. Simply purchase scrip gift cards for everyday purchases and/or gifts at face value and the club earns a rebate on each purchase at no additional cost (there is no additional cost to you). The hardest part is getting started. This is a great fundraiser to help reduce the cost of our ice fees.
  • Convenience – Order scrip products at your convenience from anywhere using the internet. All orders are due by 4 pm on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, unless otherwise indicated. Physical gift cards will be delivered to you the following week.
  • Full Selection – See all the available brands and denominations at a glance by category, in alpha order, specials, or cards you can reload, and once you begin placing an order you can reorder from your favorites list.
  • Immediate Delivery – Order and print ScripNow® eCards right from your ShopWithScrip account, and reload funds onto gift cards you already own (selected cards only).
  • Payment –Payment needs to be made to the Norski Blue Line Club Treasurer by the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Or, payment can be brought to the monthly Blue Line Club meeting (2nd Wednesday of each month) held at 7 pm at the RodeSide Grill.
  • Receiving your order –Physical gift cards will be shipped to your organization coordinator & delivered to you the following week. The ScripNow® and ReloadNow® products will be activated the next working day after the monthly club payment is made. 
  • In-Depth Information – Access your own profile information, purchase and rebate history.
  • What is “ScripNow” – The red exclamation icon shows the retailers that allow ScripNow which delivers your order by e-mail to you within minutes from the time they receive the group payment from the Norski Blue Line coordinator. This eliminates waiting for the physical gift card.
  • What is “eGift” – A ScripNow! eGift is an email containing a link to view and print a ScripNow! eCard. The recipient receives the email telling them they received a gift from you, when they open the link and print their eCard it can be used at the retailer or online. You can plan your shopping in advance by scheduling an eGift to be delivered on a specific date up to one year in advance.
Getting Started
  1. Click on the grayRegister” button  
  1. You will go to a page with “Get Started” at top.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the blue “Join a Scrip Program” button. This will take you to the Enroll page.
  1. In the “Enrollment code.*” field enter the  Norski Blue Line Club’s enrollment code: Contact the Club Scrip Manager 
  1. Click on the blueRegister “button.  This will take you to the Norski Blue Line Club Register page.
  1. Complete Steps 1 through Step 5 to register your account that is now connected to Norski Blue Line Club
    • Step 1 – Create your Username
    • Step 2 – Create and confirm your password
      Note passwords must be at least 6 characters, can use: numbers, punctuation characters and, upper and lower-case letter
    • Step 3 – Enter your account information
      Note Fields with * are required fields:
      1. * First Name (of family member who will be listed on the family profile)
      2. * Last Name
      3. * Gender
      4. * Year of Birth
      5. Street Address 1
        Street Address 2
      6. City
      7. * State
      8. * Zip Code
      9. Phone Number
      10. Cell Phone Number
      11. Student Name
      12. Classroom/Group
    • Step 4 - Enter your email address
      1. Reenter your email address to confirm
      2. Determine if you want to leave the box checked or not
        Note if left checked it is saying “I would like to receive emails from ShopWithscrip to keep up on the latest scrip news, including announcements for special promotions and new products"
    • Step 5 – Create your security questions
      1. Select 2 security questions from the drop down list
      2. Enter you answers to the 2 questions
  2.  Click on the blueRegister” button
    Note By clicking Register you state that you have read, understand, and agree to the GLSC Terms of Use and the Supporter Terms of Use.
Placing an Order
  1. Go to http://www.shopwithscrip.com/
  2. Click on the graySign In” button (at the top right corner). The User Login screen is displayed
  1. Enter your Username and Password
  1. Click on the blueSign In” button Then click on “Shop,” search for the gift card(s) you want to purchase by category by expanding the file on the left. Or, search in alpha order.
    Note –  the other tabs are to shop in other ways
    • Browse ( which is the default & where you search to Shop)
    • Express Order
    • Specials
    • Shopping Lists.   (see #13 below, on the “Shopping List” tab
      Note this tab is to save your favorite items you purchase
  2. When you make a selection, hover over the item.
    Note it will gives you the % of the rebate that will go to the club and also appear in the screen when you select it
  1. An icon pops up with a keyboard, an exclamation, and a wheel. Click on the keyboard
  1. Make your denomination and the quantity of cards you want to purchase
    Note some cards come in different denominations, make you selection from the drop down list
  2. Click on the blueAdd to Cart” 
    Note the number of items you select will indicate in the blue circle next to “Cart” at the top of the screen
  1. Repeat Steps 5 - 8 until you selected all the purchases you want
  1. Click on the blueCart” button at top when you are done making your selections
  1. Before selecting the finale checkout button, make any changes
    •  Change the quantity of cards you want to purchase in the “Qty:” box
    • Cancel an item by selecting the “X” to the right of the Amount.
  2. After verifying your order, click on the blue “Submit Order” button. 
    Note be sure you complete your order by 4 pm on the 2nd Wednesday of the month unless other wises instructed.
  1. You can create a shopping list of your favorite items that you order regularly so you can quickly place your order!
    • Click on the “Shopping Lists” tab
    • Click on the gear icon to the far right to get the drop down list. It will give you the 3 options to manage your shopping list:
      1. Rename List
      2. Delete List
      3. Add to List to manage your shopping list
  1. The Payment Option window displays, verifying your order was placed. It will indicate your order was sent to the clubs’ scrip coordinator & your payment is due to the coordinator.
  2. You will get an Order Confirmation screen with your order information and a confirmation #
  1. You can now "Sign out" from the drop down list by your name on the top right.
  1. You will receive an e-mail from glscmail@sws-mail.com thanking you for placing your order. It will include your order #, amount of order, contact names, phone #’s, and other appropriate messages.
Reminder: Make payment to the Norski Blue Line Club's Treasurer. The treasurer will make one payment for all Norski Cooporders to ShopwithScrip after the monthly Norski COOP Blue Line Club meeting.