• Norski CO-OP Blue Line Club Contacts
Blue Line Club
The Blue Line Club is the organization that supports the Norski Co-Op Hockey Team
for DeForest, Poynette, Lodi, Columbus, Lake Mills & WaterlooHigh Schools
Blue Line Club meetings are held once a month on a Wednesday.
The location and dates are TBD and will be posted on the main page.
Chris Martinelli To contact any of the officers: Norskihockey@gmail.com
Past President Brian Wright
Vice President
Jay Maier
Brenda Lins
Traci Logothetis
Communications Director Lori Breiwa
Board Member Ryan Brown
Board Member
Sarah Cahalane
Board Member
Tricia McDonough
Board Member Casey Rufener
Board Member
Brent Lloyd
Committee Chairs
Team Apparel
Sarah Cahalane
Fundraising, Sponsors Brenda Lins
Lori Breiwa
Volunteer Scheduling Brenda Lins
Lori Breiwa
Food Liason Tricia McDonough
Chris Martinelli
Skate with the Norskies Brendt Lloyd
Casey Rufener
Youth Night Jay Maier
JV Tournament Director Jay Maier
Casey Rufener
Parents Night Sarah Cahalane
Senior Night Senior Parents
Year-End Party Sarah Cahalane
Heather Baron
Norski Blue Line Club Mailing Address - PO Box 563 Deforest, WI 53532